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Welcome. We've developed the following information to provide the essentials about AmpliMed Corporation.

Our lead drug, Amplimexon® (imexon, inj.), has a unique way of attacking cancer cells, appears to have only minimal to moderate bone marrow toxicity at the highest doses, and avoids the drug resistance that limits the usefulness of many other cancer chemotherapies. Previous studies in humans have demonstrated that Amplimexon is well tolerated and may be useful for the treatment of several different types of cancer.

Amplimexon® has completed Phase I and II clinical trials, and is currently being used in a Phase II trial in pancreatic cancer (AMP-019).  Future studies are planned in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and malignant melanoma.

The Company has several other series of drugs under preclinical development, including a series of cyanoaziridine compounds (analog of Amplimexon®).

Press releases, a fact sheet and bibliographies of research publications concerning Amplimexon, and Amplizone are available on this site.

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